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After countless requests, twelve years of overwhelming success, and tredsetting cultural diversity, Florida’s Most Iconic community festival is coming closer to “your hearts”. In July, 2024 and for the first time in 12 years, San Diego will host the 14th Edition of the Annual Brazilian Festival. San Diego stands as an overwhelming tourism destination, boasting a magnetic allure with its picturesque coastline, renowned attractions like the San Diego Zoo, and a wealth of outdoor adventures. Its inviting climate and diverse neighborhoods offer a multifaceted experience, drawing millions each year. Beyond its touristic appeal, San Diego presents itself as an enticing place to invest, with a thriving economy fueled by innovation in biotechnology, healthcare, and military sectors. The city’s strategic location along the US-Mexico border fosters robust trade and business opportunities, creating an environment ripe for investment. Moreover, San Diego embodies a rich tapestry of cultural and ethnic diversity, evident in its festivals, culinary scene, and neighborhoods like Little Italy and Barrio Logan, celebrating a vibrant mix of traditions and heritage, making it a melting pot where different cultures converge and thrive.

Since its inception in 2012, the Annual Brazilian Festival in Florida has become the Largest community event in the State, a beacon and symbol of Brazil’s rich musical heritage and cultural diversity, showcasing some of Brazil’s most iconic artists, promoting multicultural unity, to inspire environmental awareness. An amazing journey into Brazil’s Art, Culture and Tradition featuring International Acts , Samba Dancers, Kids Rides, Exhibitors, and the taste of the Brazilian Cuisine showcased by the food vendors of Broward to offer a dream day in Brazil’s Flavor-land. With each passing year, the festival continues to grow and evolve, leaving an unforgettable and inspiring mark on local music and culture.


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Brazilian Festival Info:

2024 Schedule Annual Brazilian Festival.

Tampa/FL: May 18th, 2024

San Diego/CA: TBD

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek/FL: Oct 26th, 2024

Times: Gates Open 12pm. Festival Ends 11pm.

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