Celebrating 12 years of Festivals, and 100 Radio Shows feat. BRAZILIAN ARTISTS AND THE BEST MUSIC (Re-Runs).

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In the vast realm of music exploration, there exists a remarkable creation known as the Brazilian Fest Radio Show. Produced by the esteemed Heartbeat Foundation Corp, this captivating program was birthed with a singular purpose: to educate and inspire, shedding light upon the rich tapestry of Brazil’s Music History and Culture. But its impact extends far beyond Brazilian fans—it resonates with the hearts and minds of North Americans and the 1.6 million naturalized Brazilians spanning three generations. In the year 2016, the airwaves were forever transformed as the Brazilian Fest Radio Show emerged, proudly claiming the title of the first bilingual radio show to grace music fans. Its mission? To be a conduit for the exquisite sounds of Portuguese-speaking artists and Brazilian bands, enchanting audiences with melodies that stir the soul.
Week after week, this auditory voyage attracts an average of 3,000 dedicated listeners, their hearts attuned to the rhythmic pulse of Brazil. Over the years, more than 100 meticulously crafted shows have unfolded, each serving as a testament to the show’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

At the helm of this immersive experience stand three remarkable hosts: Ivy La Monica, Luciano Sameli, and Rick Kelly. Their collective presence ignites a dynamic synergy, a harmony that transcends the confines of mere radio waves. Their voices, carrying the weight of knowledge and passion, guide listeners through a captivating narrative, unveiling the essence of Brazil’s cultural mosaic.
Within the captivating realm of the Brazilian Fest Radio Show, the festival’s vibrant lineup takes center stage, casting a spotlight upon extraordinary talents. But this auditory masterpiece goes beyond the music, delving deep into the hearts and minds of community leaders and entrepreneurs. Through interviews that resonate with authenticity, listeners gain insight into the visionaries shaping Brazil’s artistic landscape.

Travel and entertainment news interweave with the melodic fabric of the show, allowing listeners to embark on a sensory exploration of Brazil’s ever-evolving cultural landscape. And as if that weren’t enough, the Brazilian Fest Radio Show offers unprecedented opportunities through once-in-a-lifetime promotions, ensuring that the experience extends far beyond the realm of the airwaves.

In a world dominated by commercial endeavors, the Brazilian Fest Radio Show stands as a testament to selflessness and devotion. It steadfastly refuses to succumb to the siren song of advertising, choosing instead to remain a beacon of free public service. The precious airtime is reserved solely for radio commercials that serve as a “bonus” to event donors or as a platform to uplift new local minority small businesses, granting them the media exposure and marketing support they desperately seek.

So, dear listeners, tune your ears to the frequencies of the Brazilian Fest Radio Show—a conduit to Brazil’s heart and soul. Allow the melodies, spanning classic tunes, nostalgic flashbacks, contemporary beats, alternative wonders, Brazilian jazz, bossa-nova rhythms, irresistible pop melodies, reggae grooves, and the raw energy of rock, to transport you to a world teeming with wonder and cultural splendor. Embark on this auditory journey, guided by the soulful narrators, and be forever transformed by the stories woven within Brazil’s musical heritage.


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