Festival 2021

Festival 2012 to 2021 – 10 Years on Multicultural Diversity.

Broward has the largest concentration of Brazilians in South Florida. Former Mayor and Broward Commissioner Lamar Fisher, on behalf of the city and event organizers, accepted the Brazilian Press Award for 2013’s Best Brazilian Festival in the US. Today, the Annual Brazilian Festival is the largest in the Southeast Coast of the United States.


The Annual Brazilian Festival has already proven to be the best and largest representation of the Brazilian Art, Culture and Cuisine in South Florida for 9 consecutive years. The perception was built, and the intention to integrate Brazil with local US culture is already accomplished. The largest Brazilian Event of South Florida, is nonprofit, and a community sponsored festival with the potential to become one of the largest in the US. The 10th Anniversary of the Festival will follow the same successful formula of prior editions but will be adding to the mix revolutionary and trendsetting Ideas.

Environmental Awareness: The Annual Brazilian Festival builds awareness about Environmental protection and how recycling can have a positive effect to avoid Global Warming. Set designs and event scenography are always built mainly with recycled materials. Portable Bars and Vip Area will become innovative showrooms with pioneering ideas of how to use recycled items to design sets and spaces. These new ideas and trends while surprising and trailblazing, portray and depict the inspiration that we need to find solutions that could protect our environment, and proactively act to prevent global warming.

Non Profit Partnership/The Heartbeat Foundation Corp. 

The HEARTBEAT FOUNDATION is a non-profit corporation and operates exclusively for multicultural and educational purposes. We support, promote, and assist ethnic minorities by creating not for profit multicultural events, fundraising events, job fairs, and art programs that will generate social awareness and consciousness particular to specific communities while promoting cultural diversity.

What was done so far:

HBF employed residents and locals by filing more than 479 direct part time positions in proprietary Multicultural Non Profit Events, over 7 years.
-HBF retained the services of 267 local suppliers, contractors and vendors.
-Multicultural exhibitors and vendors employed an average of 3200 part time workers since 2012.
-Collecting non perishable Food Donations from Exhibitors/Vendors/Attendees with donations to Safe Harbor and Broward Schools.
-Donation of more then U$40,000.00 (forty thousand dollars) in hard cash, beverages, refreshments, and food since 2012 to PIB Church Florida, Pompano Chamber of Commerce, the City of Pompano Beach,   “Lar Maria Thereza” in Bahia for the Homeless, among many others.
-Donating part of all proceeds to agencies that support the social mission such as Radio Blog Miami (Social Service Radio Station about environmental awareness and protection).
-HBF helped more than 2100 local minority owned businesses with growth, sales, media exposure, and networking since 2012.
-HBF aimed to heat up the local economy with the sole purpose of promoting tourism in South Florida (Miami and Broward) through cultural diversity.
-Through happiness, fun, and entertainment we have been creating multicultural awareness, or unity, healing, and harmony between groups regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.



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Contact Us

+1 (305) 803-0338

Brazilian Festival Info:

10th Anniversary Brazilian Festival Florida

Saturday: September 18, Saturday

Sunday: September 19, Sunday

Time: 11am to 10pm (Sat), 11am to 10pm (Sun)

Location: City of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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